Les revues Scientifiques de de laboratoire signal et système (LSS)

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Journal Director : Pr Hamid BENTARZI

Journal Editor-in-chief : Dr Abdelmadjid BECIOUI

ISSN : 2543-3792
Volume :1. Issue :1 (June 2016)


We are honored to announce the publication of the new journal: "Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems", which is published quarterly by the Signals and systems Laboratory at the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, M’hamed Bougara University of Boumerdes.

Papers dealing with all aspects of electrical systems and signals are considered for publication. Manuscripts must be in English, original and should not be under consideration for publication by any other journals. The authors are invited to upload both the pdf and Word files of their papers using the Website of the journal.

This Journal is dedicated to the memory of Pr. Larbi Refoufi who passed away on February 1, 2015 at the age of 60 "to God we belong, and to him is our return". Pr. Larbi Refoufi is the former director of the research laboratory who has put the first stone of this publication.

We are convinced that «Algerian Journal of Signals and Systems" will provide the opportunity to publish papers with authentic and insightful scientific and technological information on the latest advances in electrical and electronic engineering. We are looking forward to your submission to our Journal.

Journal Director