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La Revue internationale de Performance Économique (IJEP)

Édité par le laboratoire de recherche Performance Des Entreprises Économiques Algériennes Dans Le Cadre De La Dynamique Économique Internationale à l'université de Boumerdes (Algérie).

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La Revue scientifique Abaad Iktissadia

قائمة الدوريات المفهرسة في قاعدة - EcoLink
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Email Revue: abaad.iktissadia2014@yahoo.fr
Email Rédacteur en chef: dsg362003@yahoo.fr / a.belouanas@univ-boumerdes.dz

Professeur Abdellah Belouanas.
Rédacteur En Chef De La Revue Abaad Iktissadia
Faculté Des Sciences Economiques, Commerciales Et Des Sciences De Gestion
Université De Mhamed Bougara Boumerdes. Algérie
Mail: dsg362003@yahoo.fr

indexes Abaad Iktissadia

The scientific review of economic future (RSAE)

The scientific review ofeconomic future (RSAE) was created in 2013 by the laboratory of the future of the Algerian economy apart from hydrocarbons, Faculty of Economics, Commercial and Management Sciences of M’hamedBougaraBoumerdes University (Algeria). The journal is a scientific one with a multidisciplinary reviewing committee with academics and experts of international reputation with an annual periodicity. It publishes original papers by researchers, teachers, experts and doctoral students. The aim of the journal is to share expertise and new knowledge (theoretical and empirical) with the general public.
ISSN 2352-9660 E-ISSN :2676-2218 Dépôt légal : 2013-8086


RSAE is more interested in works related to the following areas:
  • Economy, Econometrics and Finance
  • Business, administration and accounting
  • International business management and administration
  • Development and innovation
  • Marketing
  • Organizational behaviour and human resources administration
  • Strategy and administration
  • Tourism
  • Information system and management
  • Environmentaleconomics and sustainabledevelopment

The scientific review of future economictargets a specialized audience such as teachers, researchers, doctoral students and consulting firms; as well as the general public. The target audience is national and international. The papers published by the journal are freely accessible and downloadable in the journal’s space on the ASJP (Algerian Scientific Journal Platform). Authors who wish to submit their manuscripts to the journal will find all the useful information within this platform (author guides, journal instructions and template, ethics card and copyright transfer statement).
The scientific review of future economic is an open access and free publication.

The journal publishes articles in three languages (English, Arabic and French. It is indexed in various databases and bibliographic search engines.

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